How do you help those who do not ask for help?

the stagnant stench of well wishes
left out to rot, a thin skinned nectarine
innards strewn haphazard pulsing wounded
wooden core carved, two capitol letters
encircled with a svelte heart

I loved you, once
I loved what I thought we had
I loved the way you shaved my face in the shower

you filled me with honey-turned-air
so maybe it should make sense that
before our balloon partnership burst,
so big and so empty,
I felt so desperate for you.

so I will paddle my own canoe
occasionally thinking of you
sending small birds laden with words
and sweet nothings piled high

even if you can’t stand to
talk or listen or hear
you will still have a memento
of something I hold dear

you are a delicate lily
somebody will one day hold tender
you are a strong oak
somebody will one day shade under
you are a sweet peach
somebody will one day taste daily

I gave you a piece of myself.
I will never take it back.
It is yours to do with what you will.

Please do not leave it locked away in the back of your dresser drawer.