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We arrive at the crossroads of order and chaos on this hallowed December day.
Porcelain plates stacked high, silver spoons all awry,
bits of grit and grime strewn all over cup, platter and pan alike.
It is on this day we must take the sponge in one hand and dish in the other!
We must take the cardboard, cans and bottles to the streets!
We must succeed against the wretched threat of entropy!
Our victory on this day will not be forgotten,
we will wash until our skin prunes,
no sticky spot will go unwiped,
the dirt at our feet will feel no mercy!
After the sink is empty, 
the last dish dried,
the final scrap of plastic in the bin,
we will feast upon the glorious bounty of sweet cream!
Onward, friends, onward to victory!