Beauty is in the eye of the beholder — what about blind people?

Stick figures must have the worst porn.

A bible makes a really good doorstop, just like any book but just any book doesn’t make you feel like a renegade.

Smokers should get life insurance so they can smoke more.

Roller coasters are the cheapest way to have a heart attack.

Do you think chameleons have to deal with racism?

Rent must be really cheap if you’re a genie.

One day Pokemon will have rights just like you and I.

Eyeglasses don’t make cents. True.

Equilateral quadrilateral is too long a name for a square.

Wiley Coyote probably doesn’t have a great home life.

Class is something both college students and those with smoking jackets have.

Did you know that I don’t know if you know that I don’t know?