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Don’t blog me, blogger. I’ll blog you til’ kingdom blog, blogger.

It’s all about the blog, don’t you blog? What kind of blog are you? The bloggy kind, no doubt. A blogger with no blog to blog so you end up blogging and blogging until your lover comes home to blog you once and blog you twice, shame on blog.

Shame on blog.

I said to them once:

Blog me once, shame on me. Blog me blog, blog on blog.

They replied:

You’re just a stupid blog.

And what followed:

Blog off!


Blog til your heart can’t blog no more, blog harder than you blogged when your blog passed away. Blog to the heavens, blog your minister for blog’s eternal blog back from Blog.


Speaking of blog, you haven’t blogged her recently. How is she blogging? Who is she blogging with? Exactly how much blog are they blogging? That’s blogged up.


I want to let blog take over my world. I want her to blog my blog from the brink of the edge of my blog. I want to kiss under her bloggy sheets, I want to blog the deep recesses of her mind to blog what she thinks about.

I want her to blog me.