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I’m not crazy I swear, said the author. I’m just ex-pear-i-menting.

“Pigeons pigeonholed in their pigeonholes?” I said, my pig in tow.

Dandelion spontaneity leads to devils in your ears, boy.

Ubiquitous effeminate tornadoes keep me warm at night

Gentry gain gems because God is great.

It’s all very Schrodinger, I’m so torn on the matter half the time all the time.

Peacocks dream of flaming crosses and anti-semitism.

The pilot descended from the heavens, heavy platinum ring burning weight at the dead center of his palm.

Light motes wage war on the dark, dusting all with justice.

iFollowed the priest, a zombie.

With my graduation cap in tow, I whipped Jesus with a daisy chain.

My kneecaps are cooking under the pressure of my conscience.

Caterpillars are not butterflies duh.

Eyebrows only look good on everybody.

Suckers aren’t sweet when they’re people, suckersss.

Bubbles are little miracles.

You know what? Everybody dies. Yolo indeed.