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Daisy chain whipping field, strawberry sweet and green birthing stark against brick red strength.

Arbor are bore, oak wood in a birch field, redwood height and dandelion spontaneity.

Do you feel like jello? Liz Lemon Jello.

Frozen razor turns iridescent, red hot red cool. One fish, two fish, rake fuckery (Insanity Wolf).

Run run little wolf find your little prey, don’t go near the humans brood-mother, spider-queen, murder lover.

(All humans murder love and love murder.)

Sages tell sage leaves to grow, sage the royal plant, sage the wise, sage the 4chan, sage Elsie Recktenwalt.

Shoot, you’re killing me! I’m dying! (The TWIST: It’s a comedy/murder show!)

Comedians comedy humor. Laugh giggle kneeslapper. Bit, set, show, special. Guffaw, chuckle, giddy performer. Mic lights attention, bomb, kill, one liner, joke. (ha!)